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Netflix Malaysia

Netflix, the name on it’s own speaks for itself. With more and more original titles being launch within a year, Netflix have been tapping into various markets and Malaysian is being one of them in the APAC region. Here, it is all about localising content with context that makes it relatable from a brand standpoint to it’s audience. Main role besides being the creative lead for this brand, other additional role was to manage the production of long-form video production every quarter as of 2019. The production have sipped into photoshoots as well.



Branded Raya spot for 2018 that features easter eggs from several most watched series on Netflix.


Moving from Raya towards Halloween a.k.a. the month of horror. It was a title to feature some of the brand’s new and all-time favourite scarier titles.


Bridging international and local action mission with nothing but scenes and green screens. It was in conjunction of two main drops one being Malaysia’s highest rated action movie with a new Netflix original film staring big names.

(W)rapping up 2018 with all the top titles within that year. It was also a collaboration between Jinhackman, where doing a yearly rap-up at the end of each year was his routine.


2019, Taking Ramadan Bazaar with a Netflix twist. A series of photographs consisting stills and cinemagraphs for each stalls that represent one title on their own. Main platform for campaign roll out was done on Instagram where there were also other content that came along with the main hero photographs - BTS footages, candid shots of the 14 talents.