If found please return to the potato chip aisle.




Full-time creative designer and once in a while, I travel.


This is the section where you're supposed to read up about what I do or done for the past 8 working years of my life. But instead of that, here you'll get to know that I run a fair bit, I'm that girl who can't forgo her fried rice, chicken nuggets, pizza, fries and coffee. 

Jokes aside, my name is Su San. 'Blackodc' is an alias that I've been using since the invention of Facebook For the past few years, I've been tackling design with what is essential to good storytelling which ranges from branding to user experience.

Some notable clients;  Carlsberg, Tiger Beer, ING Insurance, Ben's Independent Grocer, Village Grocer, U Mobile, Netflix, Spotify, Scania, Caltex, MoneyMatch, Urbanscapes and AirAsia.